The ultimate kaiju crossover is here! Adds 4 new playable characters from the Godzilla universe, starring Godzilla, Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and Destoroyah!

Reenact the final battle between Destoroyah vs. Godzilla or play as your favorite GigaBash character and test your mettle against the OGs of the Tokusatsu genre. Each of these new characters has its own unique abilities and movesets, featuring iconic attacks as seen in the films, along with various easter eggs to invoke your long-lost nostalgia.


About Gigabash

For centuries, human technology and culture ruled the surface, yet the deeper secrets of the Earth lay hidden from our eyes. Until one day, the discovery of a new form of energy called forth the ancient terrors unknown to mankind. Thus began the rise of monsters around the world. Their battle against us and their own kind, raged throughout the world, leaving only destruction in their wake.

Unleash Chaos and go on a rampage with up to 4 players, against friends or family, but only ONE can be KING. Play as giant monsters or heroes, and discover the secrets of their origin. Featuring familiar cities and exotic landscapes around the world, no place is safe from the coming havoc.


Become S-Class!

Gain Giga Energy as you fight and use them to evolve into a towering S-Class monster!

Become S-Class!

Gain Giga Energy as you fight and use them to evolve into a towering S-Class monster!

Use Environment

Chaos & Destruction

From familiar cities to exotic locales, the world is your playground, free to toy & flatten under your rampage.

Couch Play

4-Player Mayhem

Duke it out with up to three of your friends on a single screen—trash talk, ambushes, and surprise comebacks make it a smashing good time!

Unique Arena Mechanics

Be mindful of your surroundings, leverage the unique designs in each arena to turn the tide of the battle.



Thank you for taking an interest in GigaBash. We at Passion Republic Games are thrilled to have you onboard. We look forward to sharing our development journey with you.



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